Emirates retains the A380 production

Jan. 27, 2018

Text: AeroZentrum | Photo: airbus.com

The world’s largest airliner Emirates has announced the order for additional 36 aircrafts of the Airbus A380. 20 planes are being fixed and another 16 as an option. The total value of the order is almost 13 billion Euros. This signing has determined the fate of the A380 project for the next decade. The production of the largest passenger airplane would probably have stopped without this order as carriers are more interested into narrower planes with twin engines.

The Emirates Airbus operates currently 101 of Airbus A380 and together with the previous order of 41 machines and a top-up order of 36, it will be 178 aircrafts in their fleet.

What is unclear now, weather the aircrafts will be equipped with GE or Rolls-Royce engines. Emirates run both versions and are currently evaluating their operating results.

"This aircraft has greatly contributed to the growth of Emirates and its success since 2008. We are very pleased that this cooperation will continue. I also believe that, following the Emirates model and this order, we will be following orders and we will be making this amazing machine even after 2030, "said John Leahy, the Airbus business chief, when signing the memorandum of understanding.


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