Arcus 7.30

May. 18, 2017

Basic information

Year: 2013
Price: 995.00 €
Country: Netherlands
Region: Friesland
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Swing Arcus 7.30 Custom Colors Every 2-3 year I buy a new glider, so it's time to sell my Swing Arcus 7.30... A lovely wing wich gave me back my pleasure in flying. With flights over 90 k it never turned me down, not even in turbulent conditions... - unique custom colors - All-up weight (min-max): 105-130 kg - purchase: feb. 2013; first flight: apr. 2013 - Last check: jan. 2017 - next check: 22-01-2019 - +- 110 hours airtime - good condition

Additional info

- no (sea-site) soaring- no SIV
- no damage

Owner details

Owner Name: Jeffrey Griffioen
Region: Friesland
Country: Netherlands
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