Jul. 10, 2017

Basic information

Year: 1971
Price: 175,500.00 €
Country: Italy
Region: Emilia-Romagna
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Classic "Bomb bay hatch" for aerial photography, therefore officially a 3 seater with unusually low hours and in great condition always under CAMO together with the rest of the fleet. Registration certificate n° 06017 s/n 002! A.R.C. Airworthiness certificate n°8670-2014-010-0926-IGAUS. Date of expiry (2ªextension) 25.09.2017 Radio licence n° 50/CA expiry 31.12.2023 Flight Rule: VFR / C Total airframe time: 3713:30 LH engine Lycoming IO-360-A1B s/n L-7573-51A hrs: 409 (1591HRS TO FLY) RH engine Lycoming IO-360-A1B s/n L-7572-51A hrs: 1333 ( 667 HRS TO FLY) Propeller LH Hartzell HC-C2YK-2CU s/n AU14752B hrs: 409 Propeller RH Hartzell HC-C2YK-2CU s/n AU14753B hrs: 409 LH engine TBO calendar schedule April 2038 RH engine TBO calendar schedule October 2018 Calendar Scdeduled expiry Propellers/Governor May 2020 / June 2019 Fuel capacity: 54 U.S. Gal each tank. Avionics : RT VHF 1 & 2 KING KX 155 NAV GSR 1 & 2 KING KX 155 NAV GS 1 Ind. KING KI 525A NAV GS 2 Ind. KING KI 204 ATC- XPDR TRIG TT 31 ADF KING KR 87 ADF Ind. KING KI 227 DME KING KN 62A MARKER B. KING KR 21 Audio Panel KING KMA 24H ELT ARTEX ELT 110-4

Additional info

Additional optional equipment ( STC, modification bulletins): 
Photgrametric Unit GSM3000/Vexcell: DOA MM_CAC15O25T-0043 R00 / MM_FMS14O25S-0007 R00 
ATC XPDR Trig TT31: Minor Change N° ASR-2007-098

Owner details

Owner Name: Michael E.L. Hall
Phone: +393482482975
Region: None
Country: None
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