Jan. 31, 2018
Eclair Aviation s.r.o.

we are looking for an Flight Attendant who carries out the safety and comfort of passengers during transport, provides catering according to passenger requirements.

Job location: Prague, Czech Republic
Contract type: Full Time
Closing date: 01. Jun. 2018
Salary: TBA
Starting date: ASAP

Duties & Responsibilities:
  • It carries out the safety and comfort of passengers during transport
  • Provides V.I.P. catering according to passenger requirements
  • V.I.P. service on board
  • Responsibility for the state of the aircraft interior and its equipment
  • European and long-distance flights


  • Secondary / postgraduate education
  • Representative type
  • Smooth communication in the Czech language
  • Excellent AJ knowledge (word and letter)
  • Knowledge of RJ is an advantage
  • Practice in aviation / high gastronomy
  • Criminal Integrity
  • Effectively communicating, able to solve conflicts and stressful situations
  • It has a cultivated performance and a good spoken word
  • Easily orienting abroad
  • Resistant to stress with organizational skills, separate
  • Time-flexible, willing to work over weekends and holidays
  • Interesting and perspective work among people
  • Get valuable work experience
  • Motivating payroll
Additional info: If you are interested, send a CV in Czech and English with pictures.

Contact: Eclair Aviation Dedinska 29 161 00 Praha 6 Czech Republic +420 778 403 535 info@eclair.aero